Product Shipments: Tips for Cutting Costs and Saving Money

Product Shipment TipsShipping is a crucial part of any online business. Basically, it will be hard for you to sell your products if you couldn’t ship them. There are plenty of factors to consider, but if you plan your shipping process and optimize everything that can be optimized, you not only improve your delivery times but also save more money along the way.

Below are money-saving tips to consider.

Automate Anything that Can be Automated

There’s a huge benefit to filling out parcel and customer details only once and then having them appear automatically on all relevant forms. This enables you to reduce cost and increase accuracy. For instance, certain shipping management software could readily integrate with carrier tools so you’ll be able to fill out forms and print labels faster and more easily. You could also get savings from reduced use of materials for shipping, reduced overhead for processing shipments, as well as reduced carrier charges.

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Consider Using a Postage Meter

This is a portable device that utilizes a scale for weighing packages. It could also be used for printing labels and calculating postage fees. With this, you won’t have to guesstimate package weights and buy extra postage simply because you’re uncertain of a package’s weight. A study conducted by Pitney Bowes showed that postage meters could help in reducing postage charges by as much as 20% each year.

Try Ground Service

There will be times that you’ll need to send packages as soon as possible and there will be times that you don’t. For customers near your warehouse or place of business, consider ground service. This option will be more economical for everyone and your packages could even arrive quicker than packages shipped via air. The key is to determine which shipping option is ideal in any shipping scenario.

Keep in mind that the shipping industry is dynamic and constantly developing so you should likewise regularly assess and update your shipping protocols. Additionally, check if your shipping options and preferences are still working for your whole business operation or if you could do away or change some things.

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By following the tips mentioned above and monitoring all outbound shipments, you’ll learn how to determine what works and what doesn’t so you can spend more on things that benefit your business and spend less or eliminate things that don’t.