How You Can Control Dust in the Workplace

Control Dust in the WorkplaceFor many, dust control is one of the last things we need to think about. But, it’s more important than you probably think. The truth is that dust control methods are useful for companies across almost all industries. When your trade involves handling or producing items, you could certainly benefit from dust control practices.

There’s a reason specialized downdraft booths and other air filtration machines exist. So, to keep your workforce allergy- and disease-free, here are four methods you can use to control dust in the workplace:

Barrier Separation

Sometimes, all you need is a wall to separate two areas and prevent dust from spreading through a large area. A simple partition could even do the trick for certain scenarios. In some cases, curtains could work as well. As long as you get to corral the affected areas, your dust control method would be just fine.

Local Exhaust

According to the experts from, in a downdraft booth, airflow is your best friend in controlling dust. Whatever process or machine it is that produces dust, add a mechanism that produces high-velocity airflow to carry away the dust produced. This is the easiest way to keep the workplace clean.

Exhaust with Filtration

The concept of the exhaust with filtration is to draw the air from a particular area, filter through the debris and dust, and cycle back the air to the same area.

Area Exhaust

Last but not the least, we have the method of area exhaust. This pertains to a system that draws air from an entire room. This would have multiple vents that suck in air and dust. The vents are connected to either a filtration or separation device that removes the dust from the airflow.

Do note that in some cases, dust control methods won’t be enough. Sometimes, you have to take measures in controlling the impact of fumes as well. Make sure you assess which you need for your workplace and implement the ones you find necessary. That way, you can be sure your employees stay productive and healthy, thus ensuring smooth sailing operations day by day.