Essentials When Optimising Your Site

SEO Team in BrisbaneSearch Engine Optimisation is important for any website looking to increase both its visibility and ranking on search engines. While setting up a new website can be exciting, not implementing some SEO basics will only leave your site penalised. Search engines work to ensure that users get the best experience by getting relevant content.

SEO seems complicated for most people. However, hiring an SEO professional can ensure that your site is up to date with the latest changes and that you’re only using white-hat techniques to get a top position in SERPs. Some of the essentials to include when optimising your site are the following.


Keywords play a big role in Search Engine Optimisation. They are phrases that people use for searching. Doing a keyword research and finding the relevant keywords for your niche ensures that you reach your target market. 

Meta tags

They provide you with a back-end optimisation strategy. Be sure to use the right keywords in the title tag, meta description and the H1 tags. Although the Meta tags may not directly contribute to your ranking, they are used by search engines to get an idea about your content and, therefore, help in driving traffic to your site.

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Google analytics

Tracking your traffic and performance data is of utmost importance as this helps you determine what’s working and what’s not, according to an expert from Bambrick Media. Google Analytics is a great tool to track where your traffic came from, how many people visited the site and what they do when they finally land on your site.

Link building

This is another essential element in SEO. Links are used to analyse the popularity of your site based on numbers of pages linked to them. Additionally, search engines use links to measure your authority. It’s also a great way to drive traffic to your site. Just make sure your links direct web surfers to relevant content. 

Incorporating these elements in your SEO strategy will help you ensure a better ranking in SERP.