Caution! Have You Seen The Safety Induction Video?

Employees' SafetyNot all workplaces are the same. Some may put workers at a higher risk of injuries at work such as factories or construction sites. You cannot expect your workers to know in advance how everything works especially when they are new. You have to guide them on how things run to avoid problems or health hazards. Explaining it to them may not be effective so preparing a training video is the better option. Here are some things you need to include in your safety induction video.


Your induction video should include policies everyone must follow in the workplace. It does not mean that other industries allow specific things, your company should follow suit. Depending on your industry, you may need to set certain ground rules such as prohibition of smoking or wearing the proper safety attire at work. Your induction video may also provide a set of required tasks for newly hired employees to accomplish before they can fully integrate into the workplace. These things may include trainings in handling machinery or receiving certifications. Such little things can be what may save them from danger at the end of the day.


Part of induction videos should include equipping your employees with the necessary skills during emergencies. They should be aware of what they need to do to minimize damages and avoid health risks. Delegating tasks to specific groups allow crisis situations to be solved much quicker. Giving them a rundown on how to treat these emergencies gives you a set of employees ready to face disaster in a proper manner. suggests that workplace safety induction videos should include the latest information and industry’s best practices.

Presenting workplace safety induction videos on the first day gives your employees a visual representation of what it is to work on site. Make sure your presentation is complete with necessary information to ensure their safety. A good safety induction video may prevent possible risks at the workplace.