Write Better Content: The 3 Golden Rules

Rules in Content WritingGreat online content is a definite must in marketing today. With digital marketing becoming an even bigger chunk each year, it’s no wonder that companies are clamoring to find good content creators who can balance both people’s interest and SEO optimization — ranking, in other words.

So, does one need professional SEO training in order to create good content? Not necessarily. Of course, taking one would definitely be beneficial, what’s also important is to have an understanding of the foundation of good content creation: having good writing skills!

Think and plan before you write.

Go back to the days when your composition writing teacher in Minnesota would keep on telling you to “Make an outline first!” What’s the purpose of your content? Then, create a plan or an outline of what your content is. Make sure that you will clearly have all three important parts in your writing, which are the introduction, main body, and conclusion.

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Use paragraphs and headings.

Don’t just create paragraphs because it looks good; there should always be a clear reason for breaking off into one. Every paragraph should contain a main idea that supports the concept of your entire content.

Use headings also to help both readers and Google grasp what your content is all about. Headings guide both readers and Google into understanding your content, so make sure that each heading is relevant to the main idea of your content. SEO optimization would also require you to use keywords in some headings, so do take that into consideration, too.


As with writing of any kind, reread and edit your content before posting it. Rereading will help you see better if there are any grammatical mistakes in your writing. Also, for longer pieces, have someone else take a look at your content before publishing it. A fresh set of eyes will also give you a new perspective and see if you achieved the purposes of your writing.

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Understanding and following these three concepts in writing should help you create good content that pleases both readers and SEO optimization. Keep them in mind whenever you write and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a good SEO writer!