These Video Types Give You a Competitive Edge

Video camera lensYou have a number of options at your disposal when it comes to finding and using a tool for promotions. One of the most potent ones you can use is video. This has a strong appeal because of the changing consumption of online content. Videos are easy to digest because all a user needs to do is click play.

Experts from a Denver video production company cite the following types you can leverage for branding campaigns.


This type is effective because it demonstrates how a person can use your products. This education video breaks your product down step-by-step, from how to open its packaging to the functions of the buttons and how to seal it properly. The content will vary depending on the type of product you’re selling.


These videos can be your emotional pull; people are likely to choose a brand recommended by other satisfied customers. A good word from others who have used your products may convince someone who was initially on the fence. The testimonial can highlight how a customer benefited from choosing your company, the advantages (such as on-time delivery, different payment options, etc.), and how easy it is to use the product just to name a couple of things.

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This type differs from an outright testimonial because an industry expert or influencer will highlight the pros and cons of your product. This provides your intended audience with a balanced approach about your company. This video may reduce complaints and returns, and may attract more customers.


This video type is a personal approach to connecting with your audience. With this, you show who you are and what you do minus the selling. Corporate events provide customers with a glimpse of your company’s ins and outs. You can provide ready-made event videos or do a livestream as things happen.

These are some of the video types you can choose from and use as promotional materials. There are others you can leverage to reach your audience and get ahead of your competitors.