Must-haves for a New Daycare Centre

Daycare CentreWhen you’re just starting out, opening a daycare centre seems like all fun and games. You only have to pick a place, pile on some toys, books, mats and colourful decor and get the kids to come, right? Wrong.

Opening a daycare centre is a commitment to take care of children. It’s making sure they won’t be in trouble under your watch. In addition, it’s also running a business.

If you’re planning to start a childcare centre, these must-haves will turn your new venture into a parent’s ideal choice:

CCMS Software

All approved daycare centres in Australia follow the Child Care Management System (CCMS), an online computer system that reports data such as enrolment and attendance information to the Department of Education and Training.

Operating under the CCMS requires a lot of documentation and record keeping, and software solutions such as Kidsoft are designed to assist daycare managers in the process. The use of CCMS apps allows owners to keep track of their enrollees and manage payments through smartphones and other gadgets.

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If you were to run a daycare centre, you’ll need tools to ensure that everything operates smoothly for you and your potential customers. CCMS apps may be the key.


Put yourself in the parents’ shoes: would you let your child enrol in your daycare centre? Are you a legitimate child care service provider?

Having a training in education and early childhood lets you have an edge over other services. Apart from your own credentials, however, you need to make sure the staff members you hire are just as credible, with a squeaky clean background. No parent wants their kids to be in danger.

A Good Environment

No mum or dad would want to leave their kids somewhere uncomfortable. A clean place, good facilities and regular meals (especially if you are opening a daycare with long hours) are musts if you want to make the perfect first impression to parents. Sustain the good environment by balancing fun and discipline, and maintaining the facilities.

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Opening a daycare and getting parents to enrol their kids are no easy tasks. While you’re starting out, make a great impression by being an efficient and credible child care service provider.