Managing Events: 4 Ways your Guests Can Utilise NFC Technology

Near Field Communication GuidePlanning events takes time, and once it is time to host them, you have to manage every aspect in the best way possible. Fortunately, technology has made some of the processes involved easy through automation. This way, you can pay attention to other things that require your physical presence. The use of near field communication (NFC) event apps enables interaction between smart devices, thus allowing transmission of information through tapping.

Below are different ways attendants can utilise NFC:

Registration and Check-ins

Normally, registering upon arrival and signing in at individual sessions takes quite a while. To make things easier for you at exhibitions, trade shows, workshops, live events and conferences, you can liaise with an NFC company to develop smart posters. When these are put in place, all the delegates have to do is tap their devices and get registered within an instant. This saves time while offering details on who has arrived and who is yet to get there.

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Using an NFC app will enable your guests to swap contact details effortlessly. Instead of issuing out business cards, they simply grant access to information and then add guests to their contacts.

Access to Amenities

In case you are wondering how to get the Wi-Fi details to your guests, this technology makes it easy for you. You can put smart posters around the event from which attendants can tap and access details thus allowing them instant internet connectivity. In case you want to limit access to the bar, you can pre-load tokens into the accounts of individuals. Once they tap to access the drinks, their tokens will diminish thus keeping everyone within the acceptable range.

Cashless Payments

With an effective system, an NFC event app can allow participants to make cashless payments by tapping on their phone. The technology allows the use of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay, which guests can use to secure services or buy items within the event.

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NFC apps go a long way in making different elements of an event quick and smooth. With more time on your hands to handle other matters, you are bound to boost your performance and better the experience of the attendants.