Improving Your SEO Landing Pages to Rank and Convert Effectively

 SEO Landing PagesWhile a lot of people concentrate on creating landing pages for paid search, few actually pay attention to SEO landing pages. PPC landing pages main objective is to convert, SEO landing pages aim to persuade users to convert. Furthermore, they help your site to rank well whilst driving organic traffic to your site.

SEO landing pages are created differently than paid search engine landing pages. Particular emphasis is put on long-form content. Hiring an SEO expert in Minneapolis is recommended if you’re looking to create outstanding SEO landing pages.

Here are some ways you can craft cool landing pages optimized to generate conversions.

Determine the user’s intent

When people search the web, they use certain phrases. defines these phrases as keywords and search queries. Determining the user intent when they use these queries is essential. It will help you figure out what type of content to create, kind of offer to promote and where that content will be placed on the site.

For example, if people are looking for an informative post by searching for how to stay healthy while on vacation, come up with a post that addresses this. You can later tell your user to sign up for a monthly newsletter on health. On the other hand, if a user searches for the best supplements, you can have a topic that’s sales driven that will prompt them to buy the products you’re offering.

Implement solution pages

These pages help bridge the gap between informational content you publish on your blog and a page that would love in the services section of your website. Solution pages are used for SEO purposes and would be placed in the main navigation.

This page should be close enough to get quality internal link equity for SERP purposes. Building inbound links to your primary solutions page is effective in drawing link equity, flow relevance, and authority on your landing pages.

Utilizing these guidelines will help you come up with SEO landing pages that will not only generate leads, they will also drive organic traffic to your site. Contracting an SEO expert will help you structure your landing pages based on SEO best practices.