Apple to Work on Augmented Reality

Apple StoreApple Inc. is said to have a team that is at work on the exploration of augmented reality field. While it will take years for consumers to adapt, the company is reportedly set to begin computing for the next evolution.

According to industry professionals, the term augmented reality pertains to the concept that can transform digital information into the physical world, which is a bit similar to Google Glass. That kind of technology can enhance daily life in a myriad of ways.

The leading tech company is said to be focusing on the fashion industry wear and it is still uncertain about the platform or format that they will use for this product. Nevertheless, Apple has hired fashion executives from around the world. These include Angela Ahrendts, the former CEO of Burberry, along with Marcela Aguilar, the former GAP executive and others.

Apart from the wearable, another area in the augmented reality is the light field technology. This is said to enable the digital and real world to merge together through a collection of sensors, optics, displays and other complex components. Apple also has many patents that encompass a variety of applications, including iPhone powered virtual displays and mobile mapping solutions. One of their more fascinating properties is the ability to identify physical items in real time using computer vision.

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Still, there are industry experts who are still doubtful whether Apple can produce a product based on augmented reality in the near future After all, it is a common practice for companies to research and develop new products that end up being just fodder for frontpage news. In addition, it is not exactly necessary to simultaneously make it available for public.

Apple is also reportedly letting its team of developers issue augmented reality apps on app stores. Reportedly, the company is set to deliver augmented reality features to their other apps. On Thursday’s market, shares in the tech company were trading mostly flat in what seemed to be a stable morning for the Nasdaq. The company’s shares were selling for $128.04, which is about a shade below their opening price.