What to Consider When Testing the Performance of E-commerce Applications

Woman using laptop and phoneWebsites are a must-have for e-retailers since the web is their base of running their business. However, not many e-retailers have known a method to predict the amount of traffic that flows into their website. Incidents of poor e-commerce websites are not news, and the idea of leaving shoppers stranded on your website affects your brand and image negatively.

So, what can retailers do for their websites to handle traffic on their website even when it goes beyond the expected traffic? Performance testing with the appropriate cloud performance testing tools is the missing part of this puzzle.

Performance testing in such a scenario should take into account the following:

Paying Detail to Mobile

You cannot ignore the impact of the mobile transactions in e-commerce. E-retailers are looking to ensure their websites are mobile-friendly so they reach a wider market. Performance testing for mobiles ensures that the application does not collapse due to peak loads.

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You might need a load-generation software to simulate peak loads. New mobile devices hit the market by the day, and performance testing needs to address issues that could arise due to device variations.

Performance Depending on Location

You do not want your website to be limited by geographical location. An important time to consider this is when the holidays approach or when you will be having a grand sale. Chances are you will have traffic on your website from all ends of the earth, and your website should not fail.

Take into consideration the variation in devices and web browsers that may attempt to access your website.

The performance of a website determines how the business will perform for e-retailers, and there is no need to take chances. E-retailers need to ensure their websites can handle a sudden surge in the traffic.

Cloud-based tests using efficient cloud-based performance testing make it possible to test the application from different geographical locations and should be something e-retailers consider.

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