The Card: Mobile Design’s Quirky UI

Card UI Mobile DesignThere is no doubt about marketing’s shift to mobile users. There are just so many people using their smartphones to update their social circle, look for the next restaurant or try the newest activity. The convenience, just searching on Google, is at the root of it all. Businesses that have marketing campaigns that are mobile-focused have a better chance at success.

As great as these are, this is the consumer’s side. To get to the part where users actually enjoy visiting a mobile website, it has to have something. With today’s crowd, anything cute will gain attention. But, cute is not always sufficient; more than that, these ‘cute’ designs may not be the easiest thing to build. There is a mobile design, Bambrick Media says, that will incorporate user-friendliness and productivity: the card.

Getting That Right

Technically, the card design is a kind of user interface (UI). But, it has evolved in such a short amount of time that it is hard to explain through words. Nevertheless, card UIs are proliferate. They are on apps, computer software, mobile websites and probably in every online portal. Anyone who has ever been on Tinder, Yahoo Fantasy or other popular platforms have seen the card.

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What is the Card?

The card has many forms. But, basically, it is a user interface with only one or two functions. Limiting the choices will not confuse users, which is a big problem for other sites that try to cram details in small screens. A good example is Apple’s AirDrop. For every image that comes in, the user sees it and has two choices: to accept or decline the images.

The whole premise is really that simple. Even though some sites use it differently, the function stays the same. One card is one task. Actually, in many ways, it embodies the best in mobile design due to its simplicity, easy development and user friendliness. Even oldies will find it easy navigating a website that uses card interfaces.

Once it is established that the card is ideal, the other things can come in. There are a number of mobile design trends this year that will complement cards, many of which encourage interaction from users. All these seem unimpressive on paper, but wait until it is out there for everyone to use.

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With the right partner, using cards and getting increased traffic will be easy. So, be on the lookout for the mobile developers that can create cards well. More often than not, they are in line with the trends and will help in making a well-rounded mobile-responsive site.