SIP – the Latest in Communication Technology

SIP on a keyboardSIP demand is rising because it cuts costs and makes it easy to stay in contact. It is free and available to everyone. SIP and VoIP technology have erased boundaries between people and countries hanks to the Internet, there are no restrictions.

What is SIP used for? SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is a highly customized method that makes it easy for users to make video and voice calls using VoIP channels. These calls are usually free. Technology is also making it easier to use mobile phones and computers to harness IP for clearer communication experience.

How does SIP work?

You start by getting an SIP address and SIP client on your laptop, phone or computer. Check what else may be needed so that you can configure the client. There are quite a few technicalities to account for, but configuration software takes care of the steps. Also, ensure that the SIP credentials are easily accessible so that information can be filled in where needed.

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SIP Requirements

If you want to use SIP as a communication tool, you will need:

  • SIP account/Address – free from a range of providers. Check online.
  • SIP Client – a program to be installed on the device of your choice. There is a range of clients. Check the one you need and one which supports SIP. Check for SIP clients online.
  • Internet connection with enough bandwidth for voice and video. Video chats require higher bandwidth, so consider getting a DSL connection.
  • Support devices: If you want to talk, you will need to get a headset, microphone, and a webcam.
  • Contact lists: Make sure that the people you want to chat with have SIP-enabled devices. You can share phone numbers and other information with your friends.

What about Skype and other providers?

There is no doubt that VoIP technology is here to stay. And since SIP is an important building block, it can be used effectively to build a better channel. Skype uses its own architecture to support its platform, along with SIP. Most service providers support SIP as well and offer many apps that can be used for their services.

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