3 Things to Look for When Shopping for a GPS Unit

car gpsThere are options for those who travel for work or pleasure to ensure that navigation is safe and accurate. While many people tend to prefer using the basic services on a modern smartphone or tablet, those who want to leverage on truly quality navigation hardware get a quality dedicated GPS unit.

From GPS INS simulations to effective handoffs, here are the three things that you need to ensure you have in your unit.


One of the first necessary qualities of a proper GPS unit is durability. You want your unit to be as rugged as possible especially if you expect to travel through rough weather or terrain. The best and top-drawer units on the market today come with varying levels of weatherproofing and drop protection.

Depending on what you expect the unit to do, you want to get one that provides the highest level of protection just to be sure.


Considering that you wish your GPS unit to be in the best shape when you need it the most, it’s important that it offers a means to test it built in. GPS INS simulation comes standard with the best units and allows you to check two critical things.

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First is the connectivity that has to do with the ability of the unit to connect to satellites. Second is the inertial property of the unit related to its functionality in motion.


All GPS units require four satellites to accurately place and track your position in space and through altitudes. As you move around an area, you’re likely to leave one satellite’s coverage and enter another’s. The GPS unit you want manages to handle this shift and change quickly and without interruption.

This is critical when moment-by-moment navigation is a must in your travel.

With these three qualities, you can be sure that the GPS unit that you get is the best available.