Online Dating: 2 Pieces of Data That May Be New to You

Woman on a online dateOnline dating is the new norm when it comes to meeting new people and even getting married. Over the past years, more than 15 percent of Americans have used a dating app. More people are finding it as socially and culturally acceptable.

What makes online dating more interesting is how it continues to evolve. Here are three new things to learn about it:

1. Artificial intelligence is in

The days of swiping left and right may soon be over as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes the new love coach. An online dating app called AIMM is now using the technology to make the matchmaking process more accurate.

It begins by getting to know you through a series of questions you can answer through voice. Over time, it builds a profile of who you are. When you’re ready, it matches you with the person it has deemed a best fit for you.

Then, it works as a guide. Based on the personality it has created for you, it can teach you when and how to make a call or set up a date, among others.

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2. Online dating will continue to grow

The internet dating industry can look forward to robust growth at least from 2017 to 2021. A market research report suggested that it will have a CAGR of over 5 percent in this period.

Its value, however, differs according to the objective of signing up. Contrary to what many people think, socializing and casual dating are not the biggest markets. Instead, it’s long-term commitment and marriage, which make up more than 47 percent.

A European study might be the first to establish a connection between online dating and its societal effects. According to it, it changes the way people meet their partners. Before, it relied on loose ties, while today people can create relationships with strangers. It also outlines its impact on interracial unions and strength of marriages.