New Film Fest Takes Extreme Sports and Drones to Greater Heights

Extreme sports and aerial photography drones go well together, and this combination is soaring to greater heights with a film festival dedicated to action sports.

Rise of the Drones

DroneDJI, one of the world leaders in camera drones and quadcopters, is teaming up with web broadcaster Epic TV in launching the first drone videography film festival. The Rise of the Drones Film Festival calls on athletes, fans and enthusiasts of action sports and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to come together and celebrate the two.

The popularity of drones have soared sharply in the past couple of years, and DJI always manages to fly into any Top or Best drones list. Simply go over a DJI Phantom 3 review and you’ll see just how ideal camera quads are for sports photography.

High Flyers

As the world’s biggest drone manufacturer, DJI recognizes the fact if you put a Phantom 3 Professional drone in the hands of an enthusiast or budding aerial photo/videographer, it can only result in breathtaking footage.

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What makes the Rise of the Drones Film Festival different from the New York City Drone Film Festival and the Flying Robot International Film Festival in San Francisco is that this one targets people who like to get their adrenaline pumping. Surfers, snowboarders, motocross riders, base jumpers, wingsuit flyers, mountain climbers and bikers are just some of the extreme sports athletes encouraged to join.

Breathtaking Captures

More than the prize of €20,000, the festival aims to show the great things you can do when you mix extreme sports and a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced or any other aerial photography quad.

Most aerial photography drones today have impressive flight stability features, making them ideal for video capturing. The Phantom 3 Autopilot feature, for example, lets you fly the quad faster, enabling it to chase you even when you’re going fast.

Athlete or not, the festival is sure to get your energy and adrenaline pumping high, and drones soaring even higher.

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