Hybrid Cars: Real Life Transformers

Terrafugia Transition Production Prototype AirVenture_2011As development in today’s technology continue to soar to new heights, man’s dream of driving a car with the capability to fly is becoming more realistic.

Aeromobil, a company that is in the process of developing such vehicle, states that their new product will include all aspects of a normal car. Its design will enable it to fit into any standard parking lot; run on gasoline, and perform just like any road worthy vehicle.

It will also double as a lightweight aircraft capable of operating in any airport across the world, landing on rough terrains – like dirt and grass- with only a few hundred yards as run way. This is will be made possible by the technology within the vehicle such as hi-tech set of suspensions and its wings’ unique variable angle of attack, which shortens requirements in take-off.

The innovation is built from highly advance materials that will ensure its sturdy structure, essential to both its performance and the safety of its users. Moreover, it possesses hi-tech avionic equipment such as autopilot and parachute deployment.

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During its unveiling in Italy, its developers boast its capability of achieving air speeds up to 124 miles per hour. They also stress its ability to operate within a maximum range of 430 miles, which is decent considering it doubles as a car. In an interview conducted by CNN, the co-founder of the company named JuraajVaculik stated that “the technology now is so accessible and at such a high level. Carbon fiber materials, high-tech technologies; 10 years ago these things were just so expensive and out of reach for small teams.”

The company guns for 2017 to be the official launch year, however according to them, competition is starting to become more intense as other developers of similar machines have made their move.

The managing director of a direct competitor, Krossblade Aerospace Systems, states that such vehicle must be capable of performing take-offs and landings vertically. The absence of such defeats the purpose of using flying cars. According to him, although it is capable of operating on the streets, but a person will have to drive to the nearest airport to enjoy its flying capability. This is highly impractical and does not really help in solving the problem. His team in Arizona, built a hybrid airplane called SkyCruiser that is able to transport 5 people. It has four foldable wings and four foldable rotors with electric motors powered by a Wankel rotary engine generator. These features enable it to perform vertical take-offs and switch to horizontal movement once airborne.

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