At a Crossroad: Dealing with Anxiety That Comes with Switching Careers

Guy holding a resumeKeeping up with the daily grind in your job is stressful, and it can even get uncomfortably jarring when you realise that this career isn’t what you want. Often, it doesn’t make sense: you’re recognised and paid well in a respected company, and yet, you still feel unfulfilled. You’re unsure of what’s happening, but you’re sure of one thing—it’s time to switch career paths.

It can be overwhelming to be at that crossroad. That’s why many choose to get career counselling services. A coach can help you be in the right frame of mind and give you the confidence boost you need.

The Right Perspective

A lot of people think of switching careers as finding their one, true calling. While this can motivate you to be more proactive in knowing what you want, it also adds unnecessary pressure to an already tough decision.

The truth is you’ll be in an unceasing journey of finding jobs that will best suit your career direction. Simply because your direction will change many times down the road. Why? Because you’re constantly changing as a professional. Be in the right frame of mind. Treat this career change as a natural manifestation of the change that’s happening within you.

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Small Changes

Although some people can embrace a different career in an instant, don’t set yourself up to that kind of expectation. It might be better to do it gradually. Say, take evening classes or learn from someone who has that role you want. These small changes will help you ease into the prospect of a new career without getting too overwhelmed.

Switching career paths isn’t an easy decision. But with the right perspective and behaviour, it may well be less complicated than it is. Talk to career counsellors to guide you in this career change.