Safety Outside the Home: How to Help Keep Your Kids Safe

Children Safety OutsideAnything can happen once a child is out of a parent’s watchful eye and, as a parent, you would naturally want to be sure your child is kept as safe as possible. To do this, your best option is to teach them safety guidelines.

Staying Safe Outdoors

Road safety is probably most parents’ biggest concern. The general rule is to stay away from the street and ask for help should any of their play items roll onto the road. Should it be necessary to cross the road, remind them always to look both ways, twice if your area has a blind turn or curve, before crossing and stay on the sidewalk at all times.

Of course, vehicles aren’t the only cause for concern outdoors. Depending on where you live, they may also encounter stray or even wild animals. Remind them that even if these animals might seem friendly, it is still best to keep away.

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Staying Safe in School

Schools are generally safe, and more institutions have begun installing security cameras. Utah schools, for example, have become more stringent in their school safety policies, installing not just cameras but also double locked doors that can only be opened from inside the administration office. These, however, only provide physical protection.

Building a strong foundation for your children is your best chance of assuring yourself that your children will inform you if anything is going on in school. Remind your child how to manage themselves in uncomfortable situations and that you’re always ready to listen if they need it.

Staying Safe among Strangers

Instead of warning children against talking to strangers, teach them to identify whether or not they feel safe with the stranger addressing them. Let them know it’s okay to walk away from strangers who make them uncomfortable and to call for help from other strangers if necessary. Teach them to be observant and identify ways to get themselves to safety. Most important: teach them about bodily autonomy and learning to listen to their inner voice.

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By equipping children with knowledge on how to manage themselves, you’ll be allowing yourself and them to navigate the world with greater confidence.