Nokia’s Illustrious Past

NokiaPeople are bound to wax nostalgic about Apple and Samsung mobile devices 20 years from now when they are using some sort of hyper-futuristic interface. But for now, and quite entertainingly, people are remembering the days when they flocked phone carriers for the latest Nokia phones.

Even though their American and Korean counterparts now overshadow them, this Finnish telecommunication company still has some hold on the smartphone industry. This is evident in the number of mobile enterprise solutions providers like that still feature the company’s phones.

Lapsuus (Infancy)

The most noteworthy part of Nokia’s history was its decision to focus on telecommunications. Finland was hit with a bad recession and Nokia was touted to focus on televisions and personal computers. Jorma Ollila, then CEO made a bold move and pivoted the company to the booming phone industry. It separated from its sister entities, Nokian Tyres and Nokian Paperi, in their quest to dominate the phone market.

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For a decade, the company tasted success like never before.

The Golden Decade

When 3310 launched, it was the start of Nokia’s dominance. The phone remains as the best-selling mobile device of all time. For a time then, they were improving on their own products, rather than competing with someone else.

Even before 2000, the 7110 and 5110 already endeared the public to the company. So, when future products were rolled out, it was selling like nobody’s business.

It wasn’t long before they ditched the 32-bit graphics for something with a little color. The 7650, though a little bulky, was the grandfather of every color Nokia phone made subsequently, and it was a big hit back in 2002.

Few of their creations during the last decade are considered technological gems, for better or worse. The N-gage tried to replace the Game Boy unsuccessfully, but its design became a massive hit. The N90, a camera-centric phone of the most glorious proportions, wasn’t such a hit because its prices and bulkiness. Nonetheless, it was a sight to behold.

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Downfall and another Pivoting

It was at this time when Apple joined in on the phone market with their initial iPhone. Nokia outsold it with their N95, but it wasn’t long when people stared preferring the touch interface over physical keypads. Finally, when the iPhone 3G released to the market, it marked the downfall of Nokia.

It was fun, genuinely, while they lasted. Now, the company is veering towards infrastructures, online mapping and R&D. Nonetheless, the years they gave are something to remember fondly.