Important Details to Know When Planning to Install a Pump

Water pumpAre you planning to buy new pumps for your industrial or residential use? These are useful equipment when you need to move fluid from one place to another, and there is no gradient to generate enough pressure to move the fluid without exerting external pressure.

Pump and tubing suppliers stock pumps in different varieties, models, and makes and hence the applications are different. You, however, should know what you should be looking for when buying these pumps.


In some applications, you will need extra accessories for your pump to increase its efficiency. Some of the accessories you would need include trollies and base plates.


Suction refers to the line that connects the pump to the source. The type to choose will depend on the source of the fluid you intend to pump. The length of your suction line will determine the kind of pump that is suitable for you.

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You need to consider the line that lies between the pump and the discharge point. Here, you will need to measure the horizontal and vertical lengths. Friction during the fluid transfer will affect the discharge.


At what rate do you want your fluid to flow from the source to the intended destination? If your industrial system demands a faster flow rate, you would need to acquire a more powerful pump that will deliver high pressure.


When people hear of pumps, the first thought is usually water. They, however, are also useful in transferring other liquids such as petroleum and other liquid products. The pump can also move substances in some solid form.

Nonetheless, you should take into account the fluid properties such as viscosity, gravity, temperature, concentration and purity before deciding on a particular pump.

Buying industrial pumps is an investment for your business or home. You should ensure you make an informed decision on that. Pump suppliers can help you make the right decision after listening to your needs and the intended purpose of the pump.

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