2015: Let the Smartphone Supremacy Begin!

GalaxyNoteEdgeAs the battle for smartphone supremacy carries on to 2015, leading companies, Apple and Samsung, are once again locked in an intense sales battle. The American iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are set to receive their hardest test as they prepare for the upcoming introduction of its Korean rivals, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

According to executives from the American brand, the introduction of their innovation has been a huge success. The event was dubbed as the best of its kind to date and sales continue to breach the previous record set by its predecessor. A report published by Morgan Stanley states that during the first quarter, Apple was able to sell an estimate of 54million units. This outperforms last year’s figure,43 by a massive 24 percent and only 18% behind its record-breaking units sold in last year’s 4th quarter.

The Korean brand, however, is looking forward to shatter Apple’s records and make its success short lived with the highly anticipated launch of its own dynamic duo, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The innovation in handset technology that the Galaxy S6 possess has stimulated excitement in the market for its premium design, which can hold its own compared to that of its rival. The Galaxy S6 edge variant, on the other hand, is establishing an equally mesmerizing reputation for itself as it has recently acquired the title “best new handset” at an exhibit that took place earlier this month. Because of these recent developments, consumers continue to grow anxious. In fact, the demand for both units continue to rise as Samsung just recently announced that it has already received over 20 million preorders even though its key markets such as the United States are not offering them yet. In addition to this, preorders of the latest device by Samsung are poised to outgrow its predecessor, the Galaxy S5, by four times.

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The intensity arising from the efforts of these two giants in the smartphone industry contribute to the growing excitement of consumers. With this, many people are curious as to how the introduction of Samsung’s latest addition to its armory would fair against the mighty iPhone 6 and iPhone6 plus. As both companies approach the second quarter of their business calendars, many experts suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will play a major role in its American counterpart’s performance in terms of sales.